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Top 5 Ways to Eat Kale

KRISTINA’S KALE “TACOS”: My all-time favorite way to eat kale is one of the easiest recipes! Simply take a kale leaf and rip it off the stem. Take a cherry tomato (or a piece of a sliced tomato) and wrap it up in the kale. Pop it in your mouth and expereince the burst of flavor in your mouth! The sweet and salty nature of the tomato is a great contrast to the dark green flavor. This can be a meal or a snack. If it is a meal, don’t be afraid to devour all of the kale with at least 3-4 tomatoes!  
SHREDDED KALE SALAD: Using one head of kale, de-stem the leaves and then place them in a food processor. Run them through the processor until the leaves are shredded into tiny flakes. Place them in a bowl. Cut up any desired ingredients that you may want to add: tomatoes, oranges, green onions, mango, and even cilantro, etc. Add them into the salad. If you want even more flavor and crunch, you can run 1/4 of a cauliflower through the food processor until it becomes like snow flakes, then add it into your bowl of mixed goodies. Mix all ingredients together until the flavors mix, and enjoy! Use your own dressing or you can make one of mine from the Rawfully Organic Archive Here. One recipe specifically is the “Beautiful Mush" Salad in this archive. 
KALE WRAPS: Take an open kale leaf and spread it open. Thinly slice tomatoes, cucumbers, some avocado, carrots, and any other ingredient that you may want to add to the middle of your taco. For an extra spread, you can add raw tahini or you can create your own pine-nut spread by simply blending it in the vitamix with a tad of lemon. Wrap up your taco and taste some love!
JUICE IT! I use kale in almost EVERY single one of my juicing recipes! My absolute 3 FAVORITE kale recipes are the following (Click on them to open the recipe on a new page):

SWEET KALE SMOOTHIES: If you really have a hard time eating kale, the best way to get to love it is to make it in a green smoothie. The sweet flavors of the fruit overpower the kale. Here are some of my favorite (and unbelievably simple) kale smoothie recipes:
Kale Mango Smoothie
2 Mangoes
3-4 Leaves of Kale
Pear Kale
4-5 Pears
2-3 Leaves of Kale
Banana Kale
Unlimited Bananas
3-4 Leaves of Kale
Pineapple Kale
3/4-1 Whole Pineapple
3-4 Leaves of Kale
Orange Kale
4-5 Oranges
3-4 Leaves of Kale
Optional: Berries of any kind (One Cup)
Optional: Kiwi 
Apple Kale
3-4 Apples
2-3 Leaves of Kale
Tomato Bell Pepper Kale Smoothie/Salad Dressing
3-4 Tomatoes
Half of one Bell Pepper
2-3 Leaves of Kale
For a kick: add abunch of Parsley
My Holy Grale Smoothie or Juice! Video Here! 
A Whole Bundle of Grapes
2-3 Leaves of Kale

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