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Cafe Gratitude 

One doesn’t have to be vegan or worried about losing weight when dining at Cafe Gratitude. They locally source their organic menu, which also has raw specialties. The result? Delightfully nutritious meals that leave you satisfied without the uncomfortable heaviness one experiences after a typical meal out. 

Their edge among the health-conscious Los Angeles restaurants they use their food and people as mediums to express “aliveness.” That practice goes beyond what they put on a plate: customers are encouraged through Cafe Gratitude’s model to become heighten their awareness about sustainable agriculture, environmentally friendly products, & to enjoy being nourished. 

On my visit I ordered the I AM LIBERATED, a creamy hemp seed pesto pasta with kelp noodles, Roma tomatoes, green and kalmata olives and spinach topped with brazil nut parmesan and fresh basil (13). (Yes, the affirmation is unusual, but don’t be a poor sport) While a friend and I waited, the kind waitress left a glass water bottle with a side serif decal spelling out “familia.” Though it was crowded, it being a sunny afternoon in LA n’ all, our meals were swiftly laid out within 15 minutes. The first bite was as if my tongue understood what color is; dewy green, bursting red, daring black, smooth white. 

My friend had ordered the I AM HUMBLE, Indian curried lentils over brown rice or quinoa, with sautéed spinach and roasted yams, drizzled with a sweet tamarind chutney and cilantro (12). Yet another successful palette venture for the senses. The food and the restaurants mission became the driver of our conversation. Though we were eating, we became ravenous again, this time for the knowledge on what we can do to make positive changes in our daily diet and support the community that produces what we need to do so. 

After taking in each morsel, our clean plate reveals a question engraved on the plate: what are you grateful for? Sentences were hard to string initially, yet I quickly came to realize that I am most grateful for my friends, health, the hard times I’ve had that have ultimately strengthened me. That list should be extend by the time I return to Cafe Gratitude, since they certainly have earned my mind and stomach’s devotion. 

So tell me, what are you grateful for?